Della Reese

My sonís diabetes has given me a whole new appreciation for people with diabetes. Della Reese has type 2 diabetes. I remember Della Reese from when I was younger. Wasn't she in Touched by an Angel?

Talking about her diabetes:

I was feeling great. So I don't even know how long I had had type 2 diabetes. I have no family history of diabetes whatsoever.

I don't have to take insulin for my diabetes because I have been able to make these changes and take medication.

I can still enjoy the foods I like I just eat much smaller portions now. And of course I've had to give up that southern style way of cooking.

I work with things that have to do with high blood pressure and diabetic conditions.

Other Quotes:

But when you really trust in God, you have a courage. You see it coming, you meet it, and you keep on trucking.

I have the background singers of Ray Charles, the background singers of Smokey Robinson, and the background singers of Barry White and I built a choir around that.
-- Della Reese

It's very seldom you get paid for doing what you love and telling the truth at the same time. It seems they don't often coincide.
-- Della Reese