Coffee and K-Cups

This doesn't have much to so with quotes but I love coffee and it take a lot of it to make it through the day. So, I though I'd talk about my newest way to enjoy a cup.

I love coffee and found a great way to make a great cup fast. It’s pretty hard to make a bad cup of coffee with Kcups. Well, unless you just plain ole pick a coffee you don’t like. There is no need to measure coffee from a bag, pull out a filter, or clean a carafe when you’re done. K-Cups brew a quick, delicious cup of coffee with barely any fuss. Pour water in the holding tank and place the K-Cup in and fill your cup.

K-Cup systems are very fast. Most K-Cup machines brew in one to two minutes. No more waiting 10 minutes for an entire pot. K-Cup machines allow you to set the brew size. For a stronger, more potent cup of coffee, a user can select a smaller brew size.For a larger, mellower cup of coffee, a user can select a larger brew size.

One of the things I don’t like about system is that you end up throwing out a little bit of plastic every day. I looked around to find a way to either not use the little plastic cups or way to refill K-cups. I found the Keurig's My K Cup basket and a little cap you can put on a re-used and washed out K-cup. The basket is pretty much like the old way of making coffee you just fill it, etc. Using the My Kap K Cup cap system you use the k-cups several times before throwing them out. These hard plastic lids fit on the used K-Cup with a very tight fit. You just wash the coffee grounds out of a used K Cup or dump them into a container for use in compost.

What more could you want? Coffee house quality right in your kitchen at a fraction of the price. With K-Cups, the quality is perfect each time. While K-Cups cost about $0.50 each serving being a little more expensive than traditional coffee, they are far less expensive than a cup from the coffee house each day. If are replacing your coffee house coffee, the brewer will pay for itself in savings. Plus you don’t have to make any extra stops. Over time, you will see significant savings in money, gas, and time.